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High Impact Images
High Impact Images

Considerable time preparing for each session to ensure the images are unique with impact.

Tailored Sessions
Tailored Sessions

Every session is planned taking into consideration, team requirements, venue, natural lighting and studio lighting.

The Highest Quality
The Highest Quality

I focus on quality, not quantity. Every session gets significant attention before, during and after the shoot.

Online Gallery
Online Gallery

Every Team gets their own temporary online gallery to order prints, products and download digital files.

Flexible Print Options
Flexible Print Options

Each Parent can either:
1. Let me print default package.
2. Select the images for their package
3. Use print credit to order any prints & products.

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Vynel Banners

All Banners are welded on edges for durability with grommets on each corner and every 2-3 feet. Note: double sided banners have a white perimeter where the welds are.

These packages are single teams. For League or association contracts, please contact fotochuk. Note: 11 player minimum and photo release required

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On Ice Team Photo
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Package Details and Investment

Images with Impact

You will receive exquisite and unique images that capture the skill, emotion, and memory. The final results are of the highest quality so you can enjoy and share with your friends and family. Every session, team and athlete is unique to me and is treated with great detail before, during and following the session.

Tailored Session

I plan every session in detail and no two are alike. I start with a basic consultation with your team representative. Determining time and location that works for the team and for quality session lighting is first determined. Next any particular ideas or shots the team is looking for and any other special requests.

Then I study the location and the ambient light at the time of the session. With that I plan the session and lighting equipment to bring.

I will need between 30-60 minutes at the location prior to the session to prepare and 30 minutes afterwards to tear down.

High Quality

I pay particular attention to details and every session is unique. My focus is on quality with attention to detail on every aspect. I have a significant investment in my skill, my equipment, software and post production vendors. All equipment and software is professional grade.

The process I follow from the initial capture in the camera through to the computer and then to my professional photo lab is color calibrated. Satisfaction is guaranteed with any product or print ordered through fotochuk. However any prints done elsewhere with the digital images cannot be guaranteed.

On-line Gallery

Once images are ready, the email addresses collected from the model release will be informed the gallery is up. Facebook digital images will be available for download and prints/product orders are also available from the gallery. The Gallery is online for a limited time.

Flexible Print Options

Every parent wants something different from their photos. Some just want the default package with the photographers choice of images. Some would prefer the default package but with their choice of photos. Some want something completely different.

With such varied expectations, we have come up with a solution to satisfy everyone:

  • Galleries are setup with a 2 week time limit.
  • Each player gets a coupon code that expires after 2 weeks for the value of their photo credit/default package.
  • Players place an order on the gallery for any combination of print, product, package and the photo credit is applied on checkout.
  • Fotochuk will fulfill the default package and make the photo selections for the package for any players who did not use their photo credit after two weeks.
  • Once the initial photo fulfillment is complete, the gallery will be re-enabled for additional orders for another 2 weeks.

Photo Overlay(Compete and Champion Packages)

Each player will get access to their overlay when the gallery is ready. See examples below.

Photo overlay involves blending one photo into the background of another and can be very special.

Trader Cards

Compete and Champion packages include 2 sided Premium trader cards. Information on these cards is collected with the model release. This information is not spell checked or proofed prior to printing. If no information is provided default or no information will be printed on the cards.

Team and Player Banners (Compete and Champion Packages)

Example of Player Overlay (click to expand)

The image for the Banners are significantly edited in Photoshop. Great attention to detail is required when printing to such a large size. See below for samples.

If you order the All Star package, the banners are thick and double sided. A decision prior to the session is required for all player banners to either have player on both sides or on one side with a team photo on the other. These make great keepsakes at the end of the year.

All banners have grommet holes on corners and along long edges to hang, tie or hook to walls and surfaces.

Digital Files (Champion package)

For the Champion package, digital files will be available to you for download relative the size of each print ordered for personal use. Available for regular photos only, Special Effect and Art Montage images are not provided digitally.


Team payment is due on booking.

Model release forms required 2 days prior to session date. Both electronic and hard copies need to be provided. The electronic copy will require all player details for “Player Trader Formated Prints”. Anyone without the signed form cannot partake in the photo session.

These packages are designed for a minimum of 11 players. If you have a smaller team we can accommodate with our hourly on-location rate. Please contact me to discuss.

There is no guarantee of print quality except for print product orders placed with fotochuk.

Quick compare of packages:

Session Comparison

Typical Session Time30-45 min60-90 min60-90 min
High QualityYesYesYes
Light Eq.Ambient & FlashStrobe, Ambient & FlashStrobe, Ambient & Flash
Team Poses11-21-2
Athlete Poses1 Portrait pose or 1 Action Shot

Several Portrait Poses

Several Portrait Poses

-Action Shot

Action Sample
Action Shot

Action Sample
-Serious Headshot


Online GalleryYesyesyes
Trader Cards Included0050
Print Credit$20*$30*0
Overlay ImageNoYesYes
Vinyl Banner Options AvailableNoYesYes
Memory Mate Image Available for PrintTraditionalModernModern
* the default package will be fullfilled if print credit isn't used

Default Print Packages

Package Value$25$30$35
3.5x2.5 wallets Individual48
Trader Cards50
5x7 Overlay11
8x10 Memory Mate111
Online galleries provided for all packages for post session ordering within a limited time.