Lone Tree at Machu Picchu  by Darcy Michaelchuk

Lone Tree at Machu Picchu

A lone tree stands in the ruins at Machu Picchu with Huayna Picchu near the top of the mountain in the background.

Inca Water System  by Darcy Michaelchuk

Inca Water System

The fresh water system still runs at Machu Picchu long after the Incas.

Taquile Island Archway  by Darcy Michaelchuk

Taquile Island Archway

There are a number these cool archways along the paths on Taquile Island on Lake Titicaca.

Small Wall  by Darcy Michaelchuk

Small Wall

A small wall along the Inca Trail as we near Machu Picchu.

Old Reliable  by Darcy Michaelchuk

Old Reliable

This boat of a car was the prize position of our local driver at Nazca. He was very happy to hear we were Canadian as the car was given to him a number of years prior by some Canadians who drove it one way from Canada and finished their trip in Nazca.

Small Cayman  by Darcy Michaelchuk

Small Cayman

A small cayman hides in the weeds of the swampy waters in the amazon forest.

Artist in Purple  by Darcy Michaelchuk

Artist in Purple

An artist in Cusco walks across the square with his equipment.

My First Self Portrait  by Darcy Michaelchuk

My First Self Portrait

This was my first self-portrait taken in 2000. It was the only shot I took (pre-digital) before falling asleep on this hammock at my hut in the Amazon. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Arch at Chincero  by Darcy Michaelchuk

Arch at Chincero

This is an Arch at Chincero as part of a tour of the sights around Cusco.

Blue Door in Cusco  by Darcy Michaelchuk

Blue Door in Cusco

A blue door stands out along an alley way in Cusco where Inca masonry has been reused for the base for these buildings.

Big Structure at Machu Picchu  by Darcy Michaelchuk

Big Structure at Machu Picchu

The architecture is so amazing at Machu Picchu and this structure is no exception. Shot with black and white film a while back.