Book your Fall 2019 Team Photos

2019 Team Photo Sessions

On October 6 there are a block of team photo sessions at Endeavour Brewing. Click here to claim your teams spot. Space is limited.

Prepare for your session

1. Fill Out the Player Form

Once your team has booked there session a player form with opportunity to purchase additional prints and products must be filled out in advance of the session. Any player without the form populated cannot participate in the photos until the form is completed.

2. Get on the same page with your team/management

As a team decide on consistent apparel to wear. For example Jeans and Jerseys. Avoid Green and Yellow colors. If your cloths will have these colors, you must advise the photographer as early as possible.

Do not wear your equipment to this session.

3. Prepare for the session

Bring your stick, but no puck or rings.

There is some good guidance here on how to prepare.

4. Show up

Show up early or on time for your session. If you come late you may have to wait until after the following session to get your image done.

If you cannot make the session, please contact the photographer for alternative times.

All Orders must be completed before the session. Preferably the day before or sooner as there won’t be any one available to help with problems in the ordering process during the session.

Leave your cameras behind and keep your phones away.

5. Wait for your Print/Products.

Within 4 weeks your photos and products will be available for your manager to pickup and deliver to your team.


Contact me for any additional questions. This page will be updated as required.