Fotochuk Your Windows Desktop

Now you can automatically have the daily photos from rotate as your Windows desktop background.

There are 2 different approaches depending on your version of Windows. First is Windows 7 & 8 approach that should take no more than 30 seconds to setup. Scroll down a bit for the XP and Vista approach which should take a couple of minutes. Both options are very quick and easy. Let me know if you have any trouble.

Windows 7 & 8 & 10

  1. Right click and download, then open this file (note: without downloading, your browser will just open the text within the file).
  2. Open the file and click “Download attachments”. This will allow windows to retrieve a new photo when posted on
  3. The “Personalization menu settings” will appear. You can close this.
  4. Your desktop may appear blank at first, be patient, windows will slowly download photos to rotate on your desktop and the speed will be reflect your connection speed. Once windows downloads the first photos it will check 1 time a day for a new photo and it will randomly change your desktop image.

By default the photos should change every 30 minutes and once the first photos are retrieved, you don’t have to be connected for it to rotate. On connection, windows will look to for any new photos and automatically add them to the image rotation.

Windows XP & Vista

  1. You will need an application. Download “John’s Background Switcher“.
  2. Install the program with the default settings. until you get to this screen. John's Desktop Switcher Install
  3. Click “Add” and select ‘RSS’ Select the RSS
  4. Select the text below, copy and past it into the add/Edit RSS screen. Or, repeat the add process and add all feeds to do trial and error with your screen resolution.
  5. IMPORTANT: make sure the Picture Mode = “Center Image on Screen”. You don’t want to select a cropping option with these feeds as it does not work well with portrait photos.  However, you may enjoy the Polaroid or Mosaic options just fine. Change picture mode
  6. Click “Ok” and wait a few moments as it downloads the images.
That’s it! Now you can enjoy the daily photos added from without even opening a browser.

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